The post-industrial era is taking a different stage in the postmodern world. The step is in response to the ever-changing fashions and designs of clothes. The producers have identified the impossibility of producing excess fashions because of seasonal changes, pluralism, and hyper innovation, impacting on the demand of the consumers towards a particular fashion. Flexibility and specialization have forced producers to manufacture a smaller volume of goods rather than excess production. But the volume of the products produced needs to satisfy the market. This has made it cost-effective for producers. However, the changes on the socio-cultural, political and economic structure of the society have contributed to advance innovation technology enabling the manufacturers to meet the demands of the consumers.

Currently, the youths have predictable audacity and ways of experimenting high while deciding the life of a fashion trending in the market. The designs have been linked to the changes in the cultures of society due to modern technology. In a globalized world, linked with web technologies, the geographical distances are reduced leading to the spread of the new fashions faster. The high interaction across the globe has influenced the buying behaviours of modern fashions in the market based on peoples’ interest and appreciation. The socio-cultural perspective of the society has been influenced as even the companies hiring potential workers to verify their social networks, to produce goods meeting the needs of the users.

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